Assembly Done The Right Way, The Fastest Way

We utilize top-of-the-line inventory technology and a strategic approach in the pick-and-pack process of assembling your order for shipping in our fulfillment center.

PCI’s comprehensive approach to pick and pack fulfillment eliminates excessive shipping costs, offers the flexibility to take your products to-market on your timeline, while giving you unmatched accuracy. 


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  • Precision and Accuracy: Our experienced pickers guarantee that the correct products are selected for each order, increasing shipping accuracy and preventing costly returns.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined processes and optimized workflows result in faster order processing, ensuring you meet and exceed expectations for rapid delivery.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Outsourcing pick and pack services can lead to reduced labor, storage, and overhead costs.
  • Scalability: Our services seamlessly adapt to your business’s growth, effortlessly handling increased order volumes without compromising accuracy or quality.

How We Do What We Do

Inventory technology takes us directly to your products in our warehouse, where the information is then cross-referenced for accuracy prior to packing. Costs are cut with our advanced warehouse management system, which minimizes shipping costs by determining the most appropriate box size for your order.

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