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End-to-End Mail Communication Services

PCI is a trusted Business Alliance Partner of the United States Postal Service (USPS). We process more than 8 million pieces of First Class domestic mail. Every day. At the lowest cost to our clients.  We have mastered reducing postage costs by investing in the most advanced sorting, and metering technologies. Our optimized Commingling System enables us to achieve the maximum-allowed discounted rate by the USPS.

  • Mail processing and commingling for postage discounts
  • Metering services
  • High-speed intelligent inserting
  • Certified + e-certified
  • Parcel shipping
  • NCOA
  • Mail visibility technology
  • Selectable Inserting Technology
  • File-based “Cradle to Grave” mail piece integrity

Maximize your mail stream with our custom mail management solutions.

• Simplify Your Mail Process

With a profound understanding of the intricacies associated with mail operations, PCI is dedicated to alleviating the complexities often tied to mail management so you can refocus your valuable resources on core business pursuits.

• Tap Into Our Knowledge And Expertise

Our unrivaled expertise and in-depth knowledge of postal regulations allow us to provide you with tailored solutions that optimize delivery efficiency and minimize costs.

• Work With A Certified Minority Owned Supplier

Partnering with PCI can be instrumental in aligning with your diversity objectives, affording access to substantial Government budgets and nationally recognized corporations mandated to engage with minority-owned enterprises. Extend your organization’s presence and broaden your business’s horizons significantly.

• End-to-End Chain of Custody

Safety is our motto. PCI offers an end-to-end chain of custody, including:

  • Full fleet visibility and reporting 24/7
  • Location-based automation and GPS tracking across all locations
  • Increased productivity and expedited delivery times
  • Sustainability conscient fleet

Your mail. Your data. Your business safety. Our mission.

• USPS Business Alliance Partner

Partnerships have their privileges. As an United States Postal Service Business Alliance Partner, PCI enjoys expanded access to the latest information and news from the USPS. First-hand access to more effective and cost-efficient campaign strategies are the result.

The USPS Alliance was first established in 2009 to promote collaboration between itself, giant mail providers, businesses and customers those large providers serve.

• Data Security And Regulatory Compliance

PCI is committed to the privacy and security of our clients’ data via safeguards throughout the workflow process while we continue to invest in certifications that ensure compliance with all rigorous industry standards.

Full-Service Mail Outsourcing

As a full-service outsourced mail provider, we enable businesses to streamline their operations and focus on key capabilities. We are experts in mail management services, delivering tailored mail solutions. 

PCI’s state-of-the-art system reads, prints, verifies accuracy, and tracks every single piece of mail throughout the sorting process. We also offer Track N Trace to improve mailstream visibility utilizing USPS Informed Visibility technology which provides mail piece intelligence, tracking, and reporting. 

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