Make Your Open Enrollment Season the Most Powerful One Yet

Today’s healthcare industry, like so many others, faces unprecedented challenges to prioritize efficiency in all areas of the operation and across communications channels. As Open Enrollment season approaches, healthcare marketers are also tasked with developing one-to-one content that draws audiences in and drives them to action while at the same time adhering to complex regulatory requirements and stringent timelines.

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Acquire, Retain, Inform + Engage: Impactful Solutions That Build a Powerful Relationship

From healthcare welcome kits to transactional communications, we provide our healthcare partners gold-standard visibility, security, and efficiency while mitigating cost with our in-house design, production, and fulfillment solutions. We work with your team to increase engagement and collect valuable market insights with our data-driven omnichannel solutions.

Provide your audience with impactful, high quality HIPAA compliant print and mailing services by partnering with a company that is dedicated to keeping your campaign on-schedule and under budget.

Security: Your  Data is Safe With Us

We take security seriously, making PCI a leading provider of healthcare industry print communication services. Data flow is managed meticulously throughout our organization with certified safeguards and checkpoints as dictated through HIPAA, HiTrust, FDR, and PCI DSS, and have received SOC 2 Type II certification which ensures data and compliance in transactional matters. 

• Sales + Pre-Enrollment Kits

Given our deep understanding of the healthcare sector’s unique requirements, we excel in creating customized kits that streamline the sales and enrollment process. Our solutions cover design, printing, kitting, and secure mailing, ensuring that health organizations can effectively engage and educate their members and prospects.

• Brochures + Flyers

PCI excels in creating informative and visually compelling marketing materials. We are experts in content creation, design, high-quality printing, and efficient distribution, ensuring that health organizations can effectively communicate with their audiences. PCI’s commitment to precision, compliance, and attention to detail makes us the preferred choice for health clients seeking to convey vital information, promote services, and enhance their brand presence.

• Product Education Materials

We specialize in crafting impactful education materials tailored to the needs of our valued partners in the health industry. Our deep understanding of the sector’s unique dynamics enables us to create comprehensive assets that empower healthcare organizations to effectively communicate their products’ benefits.

• Direct Marketing

Our Direct Marketing services encompass personalized campaigns, data-driven strategies, precise printing, and efficient distribution. We ensure that healthcare partners can engage their target audiences effectively, promote their services, and drive measurable results.

• Transactional Printing

PCI’s unwavering commitment to data security, compliance, and operational excellence makes us the trusted partner for healthcare institutions looking to streamline their document workflows and enhance patient communication.

• Regulatory Documents + Forms

Our deep appreciation of the sector’s complex regulatory landscape enables us to create compliant and efficient document solutions. We are adept at content management, form design, precise printing, and secure distribution, ensuring that healthcare partners can navigate regulatory challenges seamlessly and maintain the highest standards of compliance.

Procedures, Sustainability, and Certifications: The Difference is in the Details

We increase your imprint and decrease your footprint. We are proud to say that PCI is a Triple Certified Sustainable Printer, backed by globally recognized authorities: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

The real secret to our success: While our equipment, technology, and software are undoubtedly state-of-the-art, the most valuable resource we have is our people. For over two decades we have worked together to create a culture of reliability and excellence, and it is one that we are committed to.

Your data is safe with us. In addition to our sustainability practices, we are also HIPAA compliant, HITrust CSF Certified, United States Postal Service certified, and meet First-Tier Downsteam & Related Entity Compliance Standards. To top it off, our print processes are G7 Certified for achieving visual similarity.
We are built for customer satisfaction. if you need something the next day, or have a tight production deadline, we’ve got you covered. Each PCI location has two of every piece of equipment, which ensures there is no downtime in your production schedule.

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