From Brick and Mortar to Click and Mortar

by | Apr 18, 2020

Let’s get digital, folks. And by that we mean, let’s channel the Eye of the Tiger and take brick and mortar to click and mortar with all your marketing collateral and supply management needs.

Are you ready to take command of your brand? To boost your marketing impact while still maintaining your brand standards and controlling costs?

Enter the PCIOI resource portal that combines the same automation you would see in a manufacturing plant, with the sophistication of online tools that are fully integrated. Anyone you authorize in your network can access and order materials online with a single sign-on. You set up user roles, permissions, and approval levels in the portal – so you can be confident that anything they can access is what they are authorized to use.

More power to you…automation allows you to maximize your print spend by keeping better visibility and control of your marketing inventory. So, if there’s a new product launch down the road, or vertical specific details that need to be highlighted, you can leverage our print-on-demand services and ensure you update your materials accordingly so the information you are presenting is always current and up to date.

And to quote Rocky Balboa, that’s how winning is done.


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