Heart Your Employees Every Day

by | Feb 18, 2020

With Valentine’s Day behind us (hang on there, Cupid, don’t sign off just yet), there’s still plenty of reasons to put pen to paper – and oh how our love affair for ink on paper still burns strong. In fact, Valentine’s Day and paper have been going steady for more than a century since Hallmark first offered greeting cards for the lover’s holiday in 1913.

Fast forward to today, and Postal Center International’s got you covered with one of your most important stakeholder groups – employees. Employee engagement is essential in reducing turnover, improving productivity and creating brand ambassadors. It reinforces that the company is dedicated to treating employees the way it wants them to treat its clients. It also fosters a personal connection to the brand: they see it, understand it and believe in it.

And what better time to show our employees some love than on the love-filled holiday? To celebrate, we created swoon-worthy V-Day cards and custom branded chocolates and hand delivered them to each and every employee. These came with a message of gratitude for our greatest ambassadors who are showing – and sharing – the love on the front lines with each of you, every single day. And while that may seem simple that simply gave our employees another reason to love us.

And pen goes to paper for their birthdays and corporate anniversaries with custom-designed cards that are sent directly to their homes to mark the milestone with a special wish, kudos and/or congratulations. There’s just something about the touch and feel of thick cover stock paper – and when they look as good as ours, well, that’s a card worth its weight in, yup, you guessed it, paper.

Clients are an important stakeholder group too (eh hem, that’s you!) We sent out an eblast to mark the big V, thanking you for the work you give us day in and day out and asking that you share the love by referring us to colleagues and friends. So if you didn’t get the email it was all about how we HEART you and want you to refer a friend. So go ahead and do it. We’ll give you a complimentary set of business cards.

So whether you’re writing a corporate greeting or signing a card to your employees, save a little of love for paper (and Postal Center International). We heart you and never take your business for granted.



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