Brian McGrath, Chief Information Officer

Brian McGrath is a seasoned Chief Information Officer (CIO) with a stellar career, distinguished by expertise in leading technology strategy and delivery. As a visionary leader in the technology sphere, Brian has consistently delivered transformative solutions, driving digital innovation and operational efficiency.
Brian has harnessed technology throughout his path to create synergies across diverse sectors.

With a profound grasp of data security and privacy standards, Brian has pioneered digital strategies that seamlessly integrate online and offline channels, facilitating a cohesive and engaging customer journey. His leadership has positioned PCI as a trailblazer in omnichannel solutions, resulting in positioning PCI as an industry leader with the most unique suite of industry certifications.

Possessing an MBA from the prestigious University of Miami, he has held senior positions in several companies.

Brian’s commitment to innovation extends beyond technology. He is known for nurturing disruptive teams that thrive in a culture of collaboration and creativity.

Brian is the archetype of a forward-thinking CIO, steering the confluence of technology and business strategies to propel us into the future, where innovation, efficiency, and sustainable practices converge.


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